About Us

Who We Are

BFE Canada trains and trades quality show jumping horses. We are your reliable partner for buying your dream horse. Choose from our own collection or from our international sourcing channels. We are here to find the ideal horse for you and your competition needs.

BFE’s cornerstone in Canada is our International Standard equestrian facility and stable for professional sport horses and riders in Langley, BC. This 10-acre complex hosts, trains, and trades primarily show jumping horses. Our indoor and outdoor arenas, green pasture paddocks, roofed horse walker, lunging arena, and world-class jumping fence courses are just a few of our facilities highlights.

Our Story

The BFE Group is a world-class equestrian company with deep roots around the globe.

Established in early 2022, BFE Canada has already captured the attention of North America’s equestrian community with high placements in both local and international competitions.The premiere BFE Canada branch – located in beautiful Langley, BC – is our first stable and trade complex here in Canada.

BFE Canada’s Expertise

We are able to draw on the BFE Group’s decades of experience and expertise in the equestrian sports industry across Asia and Europe. This has allowed us to:

  • Expand across the globe 
  • Consistently achieve top-level competition rankings and awards
  • Source and deliver exceptional sport horses from anywhere in the world

If you’re interested in becoming a client, learning more about our services, or wish to inquire about a purchase, send us a message using the form below or by emailing us at [contact email address

If you’re interested in a career with BFE Canada, we’d love to hear from you.
Active job postings and general employment opportunities can be found on our careers page.